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Custom Made Tarpaulins and Sheet Covers Supplied - Heavy Duty, Canvas, Poly, and Plastic Tarps

Lorry Covers and Trailer Curtain sides, Heavy Duty Canvas and Poly Tarps, Boat and Waterproof Marine Covers, Garden furniture and Gazebo Covers, Fire Retardant Sheets...

Tarpaulin Covers UK
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Tarpaulin Cover Manufacturers UK

Stitch In Time Tarpaulin Covers provide quality and durability both in the materials we use and the service we provide. We can supply standard sized tarp sheets and covers although we specialise in custom manufacturing to your specifications, with experience covering all major industry sectors including Automotive, Construction, Aerospace, Agriculture, and broad Manufacturing disciplines. Our tarpaulin material stock includes canvas, plastic, and polyethylene.

Lorry Covers and Trailer Curtain sides

Our Trailer Covers and Lorry curtain sides provide the perfect means for keeping transport cargo safely and securely stowed. The flexibility offered when using our covers includes the ability to obtain quick access for unloading from the side or rear of the vehicle. The durability of the materials we use together with the custom design service we offer also means that our long lasting covers can be produced in a wide variety of designs and colours.

Boat and Marine Covers

Our Boat and Marine covers are designed to be both light and durable and come in either custom, semi-custom, or universal sizes to suit all shapes and needs. We are even able to customise your current boat cover without diminishing the material integrity.

Our Tarp covers are designed to protect against the usual suspects of transportation damage, UV fading of the boat interior, and weather damage during long and short-term storage.

Garden furniture and Gazebo Covers

Stitch In Time standard and bespoke garden furniture covers negate the need for using up valuable storage space during the winter months by providing protection from the elements with a range of attractively designed covers suitable for all standard (and non-standard) garden items including: Chair and Bench Covers, Patio Set Covers, Hammock Covers, Table Covers, Barbeque and Chemise Covers etc.

Custom Made Tarpaulin Covers

The types of covers that we are able to produce runs into thousands so if you don't see it listed in these pages just give us a call. The chances are we can help!

  • machine and engineering covers
  • vinyl covers
  • camping tarps
  • patio heater cover
  • shop and commercial canopies
  • sandpit and pool covers
  • camouflage tarpaulin
  • fire retardant tarps
  • market stall covers
  • silver poly tarp
  • horse trailer covers

For more information or to chat about Stitch In Time's extended capabilities please visit our contact page.